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Axon Enterprise, Inc. (AAXN)
Axon Enterprise, Inc. develops and manufactures security systems. The Company offers law enforcement, military, and self defense solutions. Axon Enterprise serves customers worldwide.
Q&A: Trump Sending Troops to the Border | The Heritage Foundation
President Donald Trump once again caught all of the pundit universe by surprise. He was faced with a challenge to his tough border control position from the activist group People Without Borders and its caravan of 1,200 to 1,500 migrants determined to prove sovereign boundaries between nations don’t count, and should therefore be ignored. The proposal by Trump to deploy the military on the U.S.-Mexican border has raised many questions. We asked Heritage Foundation visiting fellow Steve Bucci what he thinks of the idea. April 7, 2018
Victory Over Military Cop Convention | Black Agenda Report
“The best-selling t-shirt at the previous year's expo: a picture of an assault weapon with the caption ‘Black Rifles Matter.’” On March 27, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Stop Urban Shield Coalition claimed victory in its four-year battle to stop Urban Shield, a war games and weapons convention for cops held in Alameda County every year since 2007. Critical Resistance, one of the most active members of the coalition, wrote on its website: ?? April 7, 2018
Is a Court Case in Texas the First Prosecution of a “Black Identity Extremist”? | Black Agenda Report
“Daniels’s arrest poses the even more troubling possibility that his case could be just the first of many.” Christopher Daniels and his 15-year-old son awoke on Dec. 12, 2017, to heavily armed FBI agents outfitted in bulletproof vests and helmets pouring into the one-bedroom apartment they shared in Dallas, Texas. The pair were hurried outside, where they were separated while Daniels was arrested. April 7, 2018
Texas lawmakers weight changing law that lets rent-to-own stores file criminal charges on customers | The Texas Tribune
The chairman of the House Business & Industry Committee said he was "stunned" to learn there is an obscure law that makes it easy for rent-to-own companies to file criminal charges against customers who fall behind on payments. The committee is looking at changing the law after a joint investigation by The Texas Tribune and NerdWallet.
Texas Tribune April 4, 2018
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