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A life in public gives Patrick boost in District 7 race - Houston Chronicle
During 25 years in Houston's public eye, he's painted his body to boost local teams as a television sports anchor and broadcast live on the radio during his vasectomy. Other conservative politicians have trod carefully, fearing Patrick's radio pulpit and fervent supporters. In a rare exception, state Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale sent a letter to his constituents, saying Patrick turned on him when Van Arsdale endorsed Nixon. Trial lawyer John Eddie Williams has funded mailers in Senate District 7 attacking Nixon, unloved by plaintiff's lawyers because of his legislation capping lawsuit awards. Nixon said that Patrick's campaign media firm, which has offices in the same building as KSEV and Patrick campaign headquarters, also does public relations for Williams' law firm. "There's no posturing, there's no calculation in whether or not something plays to a crowd," said Steve Drake, host of a weekly personal finance show on KSEV who has known Patrick 12 years. After gaining notice and sometimes ridicule for his antics on television, Patrick left KHOU in 1984 and tried to parlay his name recognition into a sports-bar franchise. In bankruptcy documents, he listed possessions he said fell outside the assets designation, because they were being used as security for loans. [...] he used sports as an entré into politics. Patrick went on to fight public funding of other sports venues, and was a vocal critic of the Metropolitan Transit Authority's rail proposals. When state Rep. Martha Wong, R-Houston, filed a tax relief bill in 2003, Patrick rallied his audience to head to Austin for a committee hearing. The other candidates are taking a traditional political route — having served in one elected office, they're seeking a higher one. March 13, 2018
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