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Cloud Peak Energy, Inc. (CLD)
Cloud Peak Energy, Inc. is a coal mining company. The Company produces sub-bituminous steam coal with low sulfur content and sells its coal primarily to electric utilities. The Company operates surface coal mines in Wyoming and in Montana.
Richard Lindzen | DeSmogBlog
Richard Lindzen Credentials Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Harvard University (1964). [1] S.M., Applied Mathematics, Harvard University (1961).  [1] A.B. (mcl), Physics, Harvard University (1960).  [1] Background March 22, 2018
Kathleen Hartnett White | DeSmogBlog
Kathleen Hartnett White Credentials M.A., Humanities & Religion, Stanford University. [1], [2], [3] B.A. Humanities & Religion, Stanford University. [1], [2], [3] Attended Doctoral Program in Religion, specializing in East Asian and comparative Religions, Princeton University. [1], [3] March 22, 2018
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