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Covenant Transportation Group, Inc. (CVTI)
Covenant Transportation Group, Inc. operates as a truckload carrier. The Company offers temperature-controlled transportation service for shippers primarily in the frozen food and consumer products industries. Covenant Transportation Group serves customers in the United States.
Regulators Are Asleep at the Wheel on Self-Driving Cars
The companies and officials influencing the development of self-driving technology offered a wide variety of reactions to the death last week of a pedestrian struck by an Uber autonomous vehicle. Uber Technologies Inc. suspended the testing of its self-driving cars in Tempe, Arizona, where the incident took place, and in other cities. So did Toyota Motor Corp., citing the emotional toll on the safety drivers who sit in the front seat and monitor for hazards. Meanwhile, Ford Motor Co., Nissan Mot
Bloomberg March 28, 2018
Same concerns remain, when it comes to the truck driver shortage - Logistics Management
If someone asked you point blank: “what is the biggest issue in freight transportation today?” there is a better than good chance that the truck driver shortage would be at the top of the list. Why wouldn’t it be either? It is a topic of daily discussion at every industry trade show and conference, while also getting a ton of attention in the form of commentary or data being issued fairly frequently. If it has not been for you, then perhaps you have going to different events. March 21, 2018
Form 1099-Misc | Investopedia
Form 1099-Misc is a tax form that reports the year-end summary of all non-employee compensation. The 1099-Misc form covers rent, royalties, self-employment and independent contractor income, crop insurance proceeds and several other kinds of miscellaneous income. March 15, 2018
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