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e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. (ELF)
Industry:Consumer Staples
e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. operates as a cosmetic company. The Company offers beauty products for eyes, lips, and face. e.l.f. Beauty provides eyeliners, lipsticks, lip care and brushes, powder, and skin care products.
Your 5-minute digest | Business
1 Facebook secretly deleted messages written by Mark Zuckerberg and other senior executives from the inboxes of former employees and other contacts. It appears that Facebook feared further leaks after old messages from the company’s co-founder surfaced, calling users “dumb f****” for trusting him
The Times April 7, 2018
Time limits for children hooked on social media | News
Teenagers face being cut off from social media sites after a few hours’ browsing under proposals being drawn up to tame the “wild west” of the internet.Ministers are looking at imposing a limit on time spent by children on social media platforms amid concern that overuse damages mental health.Matt H
The Times March 15, 2018
Eye-rolling reporter is too much for China’s censors | World
The Chinese media’s willingness to accept the word of the country’s leadership is notorious but the mask slipped when one reporter rolled her eyes at a colleague’s toadying question. The footage quickly became an internet sensation — until it was removed by censors .Liang Xiangyi, above left, of Yic
The Times March 14, 2018
Gun ban ‘has prevented 16 massacres’ in Australia | World
A government buyback of military-style assault rifles and a ban has prevented an estimated 16 mass shootings over two decades in Australia.According to research, the actions taken after a 1996 gun massacre of 35 people in Port Arthur, Tasmania, are responsible for the fact that there have not been a
The Times March 14, 2018
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