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RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. (RMAX)
RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. provides real estate brokerage services. The Company sells residential and commercial properties worldwide.
How Dual Agency Works in Canada |
We work with a real estate agent in order to get knowledgeable advice that will help us, but what if that agent or a colleague in the same office is representing the other side of the transaction? Learn about how dual agency works in Canada and how homebuyers can work with dual agencies. April 6, 2018
Dual Agency Pros and Cons in Homebuying |
When buying a home, dual agency is when the same agent,or an agent from the same brokerage, represent the homebuyer or seller. There are major changes in how dual agencies in Canada can operate. Learn about dual agency pros and cons of having the same real estate agent representation. April 6, 2018
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