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2U, Inc. (TWOU)
2U, Inc. provides online educational services. The Company offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs in social work, data science, public administration, healthcare, law, and industrial relations. 2U serves customers worldwide.
Paul Ryan Says U.S. Must Admit Muslim Migrants, Sends Kids to Private School that Screens Them Out | Breitbart
After the Paris terrorist attack, House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that the United States cannot turn away the hundreds of thousands of Islamist migrants now being approved for visas to enter the United States. Ryan declared that it is not "appropriate" to consider the religious attitudes of would-be migrants seeking admission. - Paul Ryan | 2016 Presidential Race May 9, 2018
Irving Wladawsky-Berger: STEM Literacy and Jobs
In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, it’s been estimated that around 12% of the world's population was literate. Literacy rates increased throughout the 19th century, as people started moving from the countryside to towns and cities for the... April 7, 2018
Training Schools Flunk | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS
Students are prescribed anti-psychotic medication at 16 times the number of diagnoses, and mental health evaluation and counseling remain "grossly inadequate." These are but a few of the many ongoing violations at the Oakley and Columbia juvenile training schools, according to federal court monitor Joyce Burrell. April 7, 2018
The Bilingual Brain - Arturo E. Hernandez - Oxford University Press
Cases of language loss and recovery bring up an intriguing paradox. If two languages are stored in the brain, how can it be that a person can lose one of them, but not the other, and then gain one back without relearning it? The traditional models of how a language is represented in the brain suggest that languages can become inaccessible, even though they are not entirely lost. April 6, 2018
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