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Universal Corporation (UVV)
Industry:Consumer Staples
Universal Corporation of Virginia is an independent leaf tobacco merchant. The Company offers operations in agri-products and the distribution of lumber and building products. Universal sells flue-cured and burley tobacco to manufacturers located throughout the world.
Food Security in Developing Countries: Is There a Role for the WTO? | Center For Global Development
Trade is a key tool to bring food security to an estimated 800 million people around the world that remain chronically undernourished. Many countries need reliable access to international markets to supplement their inadequate domestic food supplies. Better policies to make agriculture in developing countries more productive and profitable, including via exports, would also help alleviate food insecurity and reduce poverty. Stronger international trade rules would help by constraining the beggar-thy-neighbor policies that distort trade, contribute to price volatility, and discourage investments in developing-country agriculture. March 14, 2018
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