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Italy 2018: Assessing the electoral-system effect | Fruits and Votes
[Note: data calculations in this post are based on preliminary results. For some updated information, see the comments by Manuel below.] The Italian election of 4 March produced an "inconclusive" result, as the media (at least English-language) are fond of saying when no party wins a majority. However, there are many aspects of the Italian… July 3, 2018
Paul Ryan Says U.S. Must Admit Muslim Migrants, Sends Kids to Private School that Screens Them Out | Breitbart
After the Paris terrorist attack, House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that the United States cannot turn away the hundreds of thousands of Islamist migrants now being approved for visas to enter the United States. Ryan declared that it is not "appropriate" to consider the religious attitudes of would-be migrants seeking admission. - Paul Ryan | 2016 Presidential Race May 9, 2018
Irving Wladawsky-Berger: STEM Literacy and Jobs
In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, it’s been estimated that around 12% of the world's population was literate. Literacy rates increased throughout the 19th century, as people started moving from the countryside to towns and cities for the... April 7, 2018
20,000 Chinese babies are abducted each year—is the one-child policy to blame? — Quartz
The figures in a recent BBC report on the abduction and selling of babies and children in China are shocking—even if it is happening in the world’s most populous country, with its seriously overstretched police force. The US State Department, which monitors what countries are doing to stop human trafficking, estimates the total of abducted babies is around 20,000... April 7, 2018
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