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Your 5-minute digest | Business
1 Facebook secretly deleted messages written by Mark Zuckerberg and other senior executives from the inboxes of former employees and other contacts. It appears that Facebook feared further leaks after old messages from the company’s co-founder surfaced, calling users “dumb f****” for trusting him
The Times April 7, 2018
Nutrition experts: Despite ruling, soda ban is still a great idea - NBC News
A court may have ruled against New York’s supersized soda ban, but many prominent nutrition experts applaud any effort to limit how many sugary drinks Americans gulp down.“There is really very clear evidence now that soft drinks are related to weight gain and obesity and, most certainly, diabetes,” says Dr. Walter Willett, a nutrition expert at the Harvard School of Public Health.
NBC News April 6, 2018
Why your Christmas tree costs more — again
Christmas tree prices have risen by double-digit percentages for the second straight year. The reasons dates all the way back to the recession, when growers started planting fewer trees. Other growers have switched to other crops, so prices will continue to soar.
The Los Angeles Times April 6, 2018
Weird Science
Homaro Cantu’s odd brand of humor, technology, shock value, and flavor has turned the fine-dining experience on its head. Now this 29-year-old reformed pyromaniac is trying to redefine the nature of food–and, oh yeah, end world hunger. April 6, 2018
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