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The rise and fall of the ‘Frack Master’
Up until May, Chris Faulkner’s magazine covers and industry accolades hung from the walls of Breitling Energy’s corporate offices in downtown Dallas. They were part of an intensively planned media campaign to create the “Frack Master” persona that made Faulkner one of major network business news shows’ most called upon guests. But today, those walls lay bare, their emptiness calling attention to Faulkner’s sudden rise and spectacular fall from the oil and gas big leagues. April 7, 2018
Oklahoma teachers strike: How income tax cuts and oil industry giveaways created an education crisis — Quartz
Thousands of US public school teachers from Oklahoma walked out of classrooms yesterday to protest huge cuts to state education funding. They're protesting what some call a "crisis" in the Oklahoma economy and political system, which stripped funding from school supplies and salaries while giving huge tax cuts to corporations. Oklahoma teachers say they have... April 7, 2018
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