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The truck industry in 2020: How to move in moving markets
This analysis of the global commercial vehicle (truck) market shows rapid growth from Chinese and Indian truck makers selling to cost-conscious high-growth emerging markets. Soon they will become fierce all-around competitors. Truck makers from industrialized nations need new business models to respond effectively. March 16, 2018
Lopez says Reagan banned machine guns, backed assualt weapons ban | PolitiFact Virginia
Del. Alfonso Lopez recently conjured the spirit of Ronald Reagan in an ill-fated attempt to convince the Republican-led House of Delegates to pass gun control legislation. "In Virginia, we have a bad habit of defeating every single sensible gun violence prevention bill proposal," Lopez, D-Arlington, lamented in a Jan. 19 floor speech. "By the standards of today, Ronald Reagan was a traitor to the Second Amendment," Lopez said. The delegate added about Reagan, "As president, he banned ownership of fully automatic rifles. He supported the assault weapons ban..." We wondered whether Lopez described the Gipper’s record correctly. We asked the ... March 16, 2018
NRA-ILA | NO SURRENDER--The Firearms Owners Protection Act
Nearly a quarter century ago, the Firearms Owners` Protection Act was signed into law. Looking back, it seems like an impossible victory. The fight seemed impossible, yet we won. FOPA, as it became known, didn’t just change the restrictive Gun Control Act of 1968, it overruled no fewer than six anti-gun Supreme Court decisions and about one-third of the hundreds of lower court rulings interpreting the Gun Control Act. March 16, 2018
Dog banished to luggage locker died during flight
When Sophia Ceballos turned 11 she was given a French bulldog puppy she called Kokito. “We took him everywhere we went,” she said.Kokito is now being described as the latest victim of United Airlines after a steward aboard a flight to Texas put the ten-month-old dog in an overhead luggage locker. Wh
The Times March 16, 2018
Form 1099-Misc | Investopedia
Form 1099-Misc is a tax form that reports the year-end summary of all non-employee compensation. The 1099-Misc form covers rent, royalties, self-employment and independent contractor income, crop insurance proceeds and several other kinds of miscellaneous income. March 15, 2018
Bernie Sanders repeats false claim about gun sales without background checks | PolitiFact Florida
Like many other politicians before him, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., repeated a false claim that 40 percent of guns are sold without a background checks. "We have to end the absurdity of the gun show loophole," Sanders said Feb. 18 on NBC’s Meet the Press. "Forty percent of the guns in this country are sold without any background checks." Three years after we first debunked this statistic, it’s still not true. The statistic comes from a 20-year-old study by the National Institute of Justice that looked at gun owners’ responses to a 1994 national survey asking how they got their ... March 15, 2018
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